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SouqBiblio: annotated international bibliography

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Benedetto Saraceno


1) Bonhoeffer D. Resistance and surrender. Letters and writings from prison. Edizioni Paoline, Milan, 1988.

In this bibliografic review we give a limited recommendation to read the pages of this fundamental work of the german theologian, that relate to the concepts of resistance and surrender. Consequently, see page 74 of the Prologue, regarding the strength of inner resistance, written for Hans von Dohnany, Hans Oster and Eberhard Bethge at Christmas 1942. The borderline between a necessary resistance and the necessity of surrender, on page 289 in the letter from prison of 21 february 1944 to Eberhard Bethge. On the necessity, in tragic times, of hoping more than planning and resisting more than advancing, on page 367 in the text written for the baptism day of Dietrich Wilhelm Rudiger Bethge.

2) Arendt H. Vita Activa. La condizione umana. Bompiani, Milan, 1964.

I would like to point out in particular the chapter on Public Space and the Private Sphere. In this text Arendt deals with the difficult contrast between public domain and private domain, between the sphere of the ‘polis' and the domestic and family sphere. The notion of urban suffering created by SOUQ tackles the difficult separation between individual, private suffering and social situations where such suffering can be found. Arendt carrries out a historic, anthropological reflexion on the notion of private in contrast to that of public starting from the greek roman culture up to modernity.

3) Appadurai A. (2002). Deep Democracy: Urban Governmentality and the Horizon of Politics. Public Culture, 14 (1): 21\47\

A masterful piece of writing by Arjun Appadurai on "deep democracy" in the slums of Mumbai illustrating with vividness and clarity the processes for the construction of skills in negotiation and training in strategies of patience on the part of organized groups of
the inhabitants of the slums. The conditions of refugee and migrant camps are similar, reproducing in small scale the situation of 25% of the inhabitants of Mumbai that is about 4 million people: poverty, exclusion, violence, physical and mental diseases, reduction of rights. However, although on a smaller scale and with the presence or absence of some variables that characterize the slums of Mumbai, the underlying issues proposed by the non\citizen status of these hundreds of thousands of people do not change. The people are lacking in and systematically deprived of rights, resources and voice. Self\perpetuating dynamics occur that feed off collective demoralization, apathy and dependence that can only be opposed by organized forms enabling the identification of objectives and their pursuit. In this way unknown forms of democracy are born, ignored by the dominant public institutions regardless of whether they are more or less democratic. These "different" forms of practice of democracy constitute the deep democracy mentioned by Appadurai. This "democratic invention" implies a dynamic practice of democracy that is no longer and only the ritual practice of the founding myth of democracy but instead its declination through practices that interrupt institutional continuity, they challenge it, they force radical innovation.

*the texts of articles, reports, and documents indicated by SouqBiblio when not available through the consultation of the magazines mentioned, are generally accessible through search on Google.


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The study centre wishes to study the phenomenon of urban suffering, in other words the suffering that is specific to the great metropolises. Urban Suffering is a category that describes the meeting of individual suffering with the social fabric that they inhabit. The description, the understanding and the transformation of the psychological and social dynamics that develop from the meeting of ...

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The Urban Suffering Studies Center - SOUQ - arises from Milan, a place of complexity and economic and social contradictions belonged to global world.Tightly linked to Casa della Carità Foundation, which provides assistance and care to unserved populations in Milan (such as immigrants legal and illegal, homeless, vulnerable minorities), the Urban Suffering Studies Center puts attention on ...


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