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SouqBiblio: References (number 2)

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Benedetto Saraceno


1) Urban Justice Center 2009 Annual Report. (2009)

For 25 years in New York the Center for Urban Justice has carried out an intense level of
activity aimed at the most vulnerable groups of the city. The Center offers a wide range of
extremely varied services: legal aid, help in applying for the granting of council houses,
training programmes, community education and the promotion of fighting for rights and
against discrimination. The Center works through eight distinct projects:

-Community Development Project
-Domestic Violence Project
-Homelessness Outreach and Prevention Project
-Human Rights Project
-Mental Health Project
-Peter Cicchino Youth Project
-Sex Workers Project
-Street Vendor Project

2) Sharifi V (2009). Urban Mental Health in Iran: Challenges and Future Directions. Iranian
Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Volume 3, Number 1, 9-14.

Two thirds of the population of Iran lives in extremely poor urban outskirts. Already from the beginning of the eighties The National Programme for Mental Health had been capable of developing in a capillary pattern, aid and care regarding mental health problems in the rural areas of the country; the basic medical system is not only of a good standard but manages to suitably meet the need of mental health. Nevertheless the urban areas of the country are not covered in such an efficient manner. Because of this lack and the progressive increase in the population settling in the cities, the National Programme for Mental Health is developing new urban community centres for mental health capable of offering assistance also at home.


3) WHO (2008). City leadership for health Summary evaluation of Phase IV of the WHO
European Healthy Cities Network (Green G Tsouros A edts.). Copenhagen, World Health

This deals with a Report from the European Office of the OMS that evaluates the last phase of the great project Healthy Cities in Europe promoted by the OMS. The report contains 23 Messages aimed at political and health authorities and planners of public health, planners, and health and political authorities. The Report gives a detailed discussion regarding strategies of partnership for the development of plans for urban health. The emphasis is on the concepts of equity, participation and empowerment.

4) OMS (2000). Participation del la population à la santé locale et au développement durable: Approches et techniques. Copenhagen, Organisation Mondiale de la Santé.

Even though it is ten years old this document is of extreme actuality (the OMS recently renewed their recommendation of it). We are dealing with a unique manual, the only one of its kind in so far as, in a synthetic and very informative manner, it "teaches" the necessary strategies for putting into effect projects of urban development where the population has an active, leading role. The document proposes methods for estimating needs and resources, for building shared action strategies, for evaluating the impact of the programmes and to measure the effective degree of participation of the population.

5) OMS (2003). Quels sont les arguments en faveur des soins e des services de santé mentale de proximité ? Rapport synthèse sur les soins de santé mentale de proximité du Réseau des bases factuelles en santé (HEN pour Health Evidence Network). Copenhagen, Organization Mondiale de la Santé.

This Report is intended for those public health authorities responsabile for mental health care. The Report has the scope of: a) providing arguments based on scientific evidence in favour of community and "nearby" mental health facilities, b) to provide the health authorities with operative suggestions so that such facilities are truly put into effect and developed. This is extremely useful reading for public administrators and mental health specialists responsible for urban psychiatric services.

*When the texts of the articles, reports, and documents indicated by SouqBiblio are not
found through the consultation of the magazines mentioned, they can usually be
traced with a research on Google.



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The study centre wishes to study the phenomenon of urban suffering, in other words the suffering that is specific to the great metropolises. Urban Suffering is a category that describes the meeting of individual suffering with the social fabric that they inhabit. The description, the understanding and the transformation of the psychological and social dynamics that develop from the meeting of ...

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The Urban Suffering Studies Center - SOUQ - arises from Milan, a place of complexity and economic and social contradictions belonged to global world.Tightly linked to Casa della Carità Foundation, which provides assistance and care to unserved populations in Milan (such as immigrants legal and illegal, homeless, vulnerable minorities), the Urban Suffering Studies Center puts attention on ...


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